Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Emotional Healing- The Words we Speak!

The other day I was in a dressing room at our local JcPenney store. As I was trying on some pants I overheard some ladies in the stall down from me. The women were talking about bathing suits and how there is NOWHERE they could possibly wear one. They started putting themselves down about their weight and lack of tan. One lady even put into words "I am a hog, look at me" I was a bit surprised, but mostly sad that she would see in herself someone that she was not. I understand the feelings of  less than perfectness, but I also understand that we can not claim negative thoughts over our own lives/bodies. We have to see ourselves for the beautiful woman God has created us to be.

In Stormie Omartian's- Lord, I want to be Whole she wrote: "When we constantly speak negatively about ourselves or our circumstances, we cut off the possibility of things being any different than what we've just spoken.The Bible says 'You are snared by the words of your mouth.' - Proverbs 6:2 
Ladies, this is saying that all words which come from you, whether they are silent messages or the words we speak aloud, you are cutting off the possibility of things being any different than what we've just spoken. We can't be healed if we are constantly speaking bondage over ourselves and infecting our own worth. Ask yourself: Who is talking? Is it the voice of God, the flesh or the Devil? When talking about yourself, speak words of hope, health, life, encouragement and purpose."

This does not mean acting like everything is perfect. Please ladies by all means be real to others and true to yourself, we all have difficulties, it's okay to show others that you also struggle. Giving the impression that nothing is wrong in your life when something actually is wrong is living a lie. What I am saying is don't believe the lies about yourselves. Stormie Omartian writes "Rather than saying 'life is the pits.' say, 'I feel sad today, but I know God is in charge of my life and will perfect all that concerns me'. - Psalm 138:8. If you can't speak anything positive, say, 'Lord, show me Your truth about my situation.'

We need to stick together, if you hear your friend say words of negativism about herself or her situation, give her a slight nudge and remind her how beautiful and worthy she is. My heart is compassionate for the woman who are under the attack of negative thoughts. I pray that you will see truth and learn to love everything good about yourself. I pray that you see yourself as the precious woman whom God sees you as.

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